Jan 112018

Home Stool Solid wood Creative living room Change shoes low stool fashion Wear shoes Round stool Cloth sofa coffee table Bench (tree stump)

  • High elastic sponge, soft and comfortable
  • Upgrade four legs, load-bearing stability
  • Seiko secret agents, preferably good material
  • Detachable design

Product parameters:

Whether the taxi can be transported: yes

Whether assembled or assembled

Style positioning: economic type

Gross Weight: 1.7kg

Color classification: watermelon lemon stumps kiwi orange fruit dragon fruit

Finishing material: cloth

Cloth finishes: solid color

Style: simple modern

Pattern: abstract pattern

Additional features: move

Furniture structure: frame structure

Material: wood

Woody material: pine

Whether it can be customized: No

Applicable to: adult

Size: diameter 30cm high 25cm

Price: £48.52